How to fix product duplicates?

First, what are product duplicates?

Duplicates are product that share the same SKUs with other products.

If, for example, you sell 2 T-Shirts. One is black with white stripes, and another is black with blue stripes. And let’s say that you give both products the SKU - ‘SHIRT-BLACK-STRIPES’.

Since both products have the same SKU, in the eyes of Syncr, they are duplicates. If Syncr receives a message from Etsy that says that two of ‘SHIRT-BLACK-STRIPES’ were sold - Syncr do not know which one of the black shirts was sold. Is is the one with the blue stripes? Or the one with the white stripe?

That is the reason why Syncr cannot track and sync product with duplicates. And that’s one of the several reasons it’s important to fix this issue.

To fix it, simply go to either Shopify or Etsy, and update the SKU to a unique one - ‘SHIRT-BLACK-BLUE-STRIPES’, for example.

Syncr should pick up the change in Shopify and update Etsy accordingly.

If you have updated products that are not tracked by Syncr and would like to update Syncr as well - you can go to Settings, and click on the ‘Update SKUs’ link in each shop.