Okay, I've installed Syncr, What now?

Once Syncr is connected to your Etsy shop, and both Etsy and Shopify's SKUs are stored - Syncr is working and watching for stock changes. You don't have to do anything to turn it on.

You will see in the Overview page of the dashboard 2 boxes, with 2 buttons between them. To the left, is the Etsy box, which shows the currently connected Etsy shop, and how many products were stored (with how many cannot be tracked). To the right, is the Shopify box.

Between the 2 boxed, you'll find 2 buttons - the top button controls the syncing from Shopify to Etsy, and the bottom, from Etsy to Shopify. Clicking on each button will enable/disable the Syncr of the relevant direction.

Since Syncr can only track and sync prodiucts that share the same SKUs - We highly recommend to make sure that the products you want Syncr to track are indeed being tracked. Below the 2 boxes in the image above, you'll find 4 boxes that will tell you how many products can by tracked, how many cannot, and why.

In the image above, we can see that Syncr can track 65 products. But it cannot track 9 mismatched products and 2 products that have no SKUs.

Clicking on the 'View All' each number will take you to the relevant products so you can check which products cannot be tracked and resolve the issue.

If you've made major changes to your SKUs, we recommend updating the SKUs in Syncr by clicking on the 'Update SKUs' links in the Overview or Settings pages.