Plans and Billing guide

This article covers common billing and plans questions. This is a general summary of our available plans. To view your the current plan you are subscribed to, go to the Subscription page in Syncr Dashboard. If you’ve not subscribed to a plan yet, know that installing Syncr in your Shopify shop comes with a 7 day free trial of the Starter plan.

Standard Plus Unlimited
  • 2,000 Monthly Level Updates
  • 200 Monthly Product Transfers
  • 5,000 Monthly Level Updates
  • 500 Monthly Product Transfers
  • Unlimited Level Updates
  • Unlimited Product Transfers

We also offer a Starter plan which includes 500 Monthly Level Updates, but no Product Transfers. This is ideal for shops that are just starting out and need to maintain synced stock without worry.

Included in all plans

  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Near Real-Time Syncing (up to 30 seconds)
  • 7 days a week, business-hours Support

Subscription Questions

What's a Level Update? How are they counted?

A Level Update is any action Syncr takes to update stock levels or SKUs in either Etsy or Shopify.

Each time Syncr updates stock level in Etsy or Shopify counts as a single Level Update, regardless of how much the stock level has changed.

An example - an order is made in Shopify and 2 products were purchased. 3 of product One were purchased, and 2 of product Two.

In response to this order Syncr will:

  • Update product One’s stock based on Shopify’s new stock level.
  • Update product Two’s stock based on Shopify’s new stock levels.

This is, in total, 2 level updates. It doesn’t matter how much the stock is changes, it counts as 1 change. A change from 100 to 50 is the same as a change from 3 to 2.

What’s a Product Transfer?

A Product Transfer occurs when Syncr transfers a product from Etsy to Shopify or from Shopify to Etsy.

This happens when you create a new product in Etsy or Shopify, or when you transfer a product to Etsy or Shopify from Syncr Dashboard.

What happens when I reach the monthly limit of my plan?

You will be notified when your account reaches 90% of your either level updates limit of product transfers.

When you reach the limit, Syncr will stop performing the action that the limit is related to. If you are on Standard plan and have made 300 Level Updates, Syncr will stop performing level updates for the remainder of the billing period, Syncr will continue performing product transfers during this period, while its still under the limit.

Upgrading a plan will reset you limits and allow you to sync more.

What types of payment do you accept?

Since Payments are made through Shopify, we accept any payment that Shopify accepts.