How to only Sync the Product States that I need (Active, Inactive, Expired or Draft)?

By default, Syncr stores SKUs for all Active lisitngs. 

This means that if you'd want Syncr to sync also listings that are Expired, Inactive or Draft - you need to tell Syncr to store their SKUs as well.

Luckily, it only takes 2 clicks :) 

  1. In either the Dashboard home (Overview), or in the Connected Shops' Settings page (Settings -> Connected Shops) - click on the 'Store SKUs' button. 
  2. This will open a small popup, in where you can select which products to store - once you select the product states, click on the Store button.

Syncr will then store all the SKUs, and will match to the existing stored Shopify products. It is always recommended to Store Shopify's SKUs as well, to ensure there are no mismatches.

If, in the future you'd want to change which products Syncr syncs, you can repeat the process, only selecting the product states you need.

Happy Syncing! :)